My first reaction was, yeah, those things are kind of intrusive.

Then I looked more closely at the picture. What do I see? A swath of hard, grey, cracked, patched stuff covering most of the ground. Metal-and-glass wheeled modules lining both sides. Immense wooden poles every hundred feet. Dozens of black wires crisscrossing the sky.

But it’s only the solar panels that are the eyesore?

It’s amazing to me how things can go from eyesore to invisible with time. How often do you really notice utility poles and wires? Yet if you stop and look at them consciously… they’re as pretty as a cancer, and they’re everywhere. But most of the time our brains edit them out.

My point is not, “don’t fight the solar panels, in a year or two you won’t even see them”. My point simply is, hmm, human visual perception is weird.


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