Houdini: The Recipe

Mushroom and gorgonzola risotto, recipe from the local paper. Our friends Fred and Kate gave me a copy. I lost it almost immediately. And as I recall they lost theirs. So I spent an hour or so looking in the microfilms of the local paper until I found it, made four copies, gave two to them and kept two for us. So we could be confident of finding one.

Today we couldn’t find it.

Nearly. After much searching, I found one copy. In the recipe binder right where I’d put it. HA HA HA HA I made a joke there. It was half crumpled up under the popcorn maker.

I put it in a sheet protector to go into the recipe binder, but first I scanned it. I filed a copy of the scan on my computer (~/Documents/Hobbies/Recipes/ folder). I emailed a copy to Heather. I cc’d myself. So it’s in my Gmail archive. Soon it’ll be in my Mail archive. Also, I uploaded it to Google Docs. Also, wait, let me check, yes, it’s in my Time Machine backup. And (more checking) it’s in my off-site CrashPlan backup. And I will buy an ammo box, laminate a copy of the recipe, stick it in the ammo box, and bury it in the woods under a large boulder which I will paint fluorescent orange, tomorrow or maybe next weekend. Also I’m going to see if I have any connections at Yucca Mountain.

If that doesn’t work I’m painting the damn recipe in letters a mile high on the Sea of Tranquillity.


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