Purpose uke

I’ve forgotten where I first heard about Passports With Purpose. I thought it was on Ukulele Underground, but maybe not because I can’t find any mention of it on the forums, which is odd.


Passports with Purpose is an annual Travel Bloggers’ fundraiser. In 2009, 90 bloggers participated and raised almost $30,000 to build a school in rural Cambodia (complete with a school nurse and a kitchen garden that provides each child a daily meal). In 2010, we have set our sights even higher. With your help, we will raise $50,000 to build a village, brick by brick, in rural India through our partnership with Friends of Lafti.

So what does this have to do with ukes? The way the fundraiser works is, each blogger arranged for donation of a prize, and donors got to enter the drawing for a prize for each $10 they donate. There were tons of prizes — many of them travel related, as you might imagine — free stays in various hotels, cruises, air travel vouchers, luggage, and so on; or how about a zeppelin flight? There was the almost inevitable iPad. Oh, and a ukulele. One of the bloggers was Pam from www.nerdseyeview.com and the past couple years she’s sponsored a ukulele as a prize. This year’s uke prize was a Flea.

Great idea, right? Using the power of blogging to raise money for a very worthy cause. I was happy to make a donation myself.

I was even happier yesterday when they announced the winners. I’m getting the Flea! Happy me. Fleas have a very good reputation as being one of the better ukes at their price point. I considered buying one for my first uke but decided to start with one with more traditional materials and shape, just because that appealed to me, but always thought I’d look into a Flea or its big brother the Fluke at a later time. So now I’ll have three ukes, all sopranos (I really do want to try a tenor or concert one of these days) but very complementary — the solid lacewood, guitar-shaped Kala, the cheap but nice, plastic and laminate “beater” Makala Dolphin, and the laminate/ABS/polycarbonate, flat-bottomed Flea are a good mix.

Pam is conveying my color preferences (no Bubblegum Pink please) to Flea Market Music and they’ll be sending my Flea along soon. More when it arrives.

Meanwhile my renditions of “Greensleeves” and “Auld Lang Syne” are improving. Slowly. But improving.



3 thoughts on “Purpose uke

  1. You know how hard they’re going to have to work to find Bubblegum Pink for you? (Because you can be certain the message will get lost in translation somewhere..)


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