Gone all red. And white.

Wow, been a long time since I’ve said anything about martial arts on this blog.

Kenny’s a red belt now, has been since August. I was hoping to get mine in October but it didn’t turn out that way; instead I got my last belt tip early this month.

I’d gotten my brown belt in October 2009, so it’d been 14 months. One reason presumably was the several trips to Newport News I made, interrupting my class attendance. So I was itching to move up. Test was Wednesday this week… and Monday and Tuesday it started snowing again.

(“Again”? Well, yes. We got past December 1 with almost no snow — it was the second largest number of days on record for Syracuse with no snow amounting to more than an inch, from sometime in February. Record was around a week longer, set last year. And then about two weeks ago the lake effect snow started and kept going for four days and about four feet. It let up for a little while and resumed early this week. It’s now the snowiest December on record, despite the fact that there are another two weeks left, and we’ve already gotten more than half the ten feet of snow we average in an entire year.)

So Wednesday it was snowing, pretty hard by evening. Kenny and I set out for his piano lesson but I quickly realized we’d never get there in time and might not get there at all. Instead we headed directly for the dojo. I would have stayed home if it hadn’t been belt graduation night. But two more months at brown? Not happening. I took it slow and easy, stayed off the Interstate, and got there.

Ten of us adults were there: a bunch of white belts for their first graduation; one yellow moving up to orange; two oranges getting purple and moving up to the advanced class; one green getting his brown; and I and one other brown at the front (!) going for red.


We browns did our creative kumites, mine including the double jumping front kick that took Sensei Bidwell by surprise at tip check (blurry picture is a still from a video):


We got our belts and we went home… carefully. Next up, in the latter part of 2011 I hope but maybe early 2012, is high red belt, and then… black belt candidate.


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