Not quite too late

If you’re sick to death of hearing about the 2010 election, and just want to put the whole thing behind you, I can’t blame you. Don’t read this, then.

On the other hand, if you’re as fearful as I am of what the hoodlums of the Republican party will do to this country and this planet if they get a chance, and wish you could change the outcome of the election… well, you still can.

You can’t give the Democrats a majority in the House, unfortunately, but you can help them get a few more seats. There are some races still too close to call, whose outcomes will hinge on absentee ballots and the painful process of recount… not to mention, for instance, the possibility of the Supreme Court picking their favorite. Not that that would ever happen.

My Congressional representative is Dan Maffei, and he’s good. His campaign web site is here. His opponent is a tea-party-favored right-winger. The kind who describes global climate change as a “myth”. A walking disaster, in other words.

They’re neck and neck. Last I heard, Maffei was slightly behind in the count, but it’s anybody’s guess who’ll be the winner here. Of course the GOP isn’t guessing — they’re sending in their guns to do whatever it takes to keep Maffei from winning.

Fighting them will be expensive. I just contributed. You can too.

It ain’t over yet. We can still make a small difference. And I personally would deeply appreciate any help you can give to keep my Congressional seat filled by a sane, intelligent person.


4 thoughts on “Not quite too late

  1. Thank you, Rich, for going the extra mile, and for being there from the start with a voice of reason and an understanding of the high stakes involved in this processs.


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