Took a while, but I finished the portable instrument amp I was working on. Here’s the innards:

and here’s the exterior:wpid-pa100003-2010-10-10-20-50.jpg

The case is from the power supply of a Freecycled computer. The amplifier board is from a trash picked computer speaker set. The speaker is from a stereo speaker unit I bought at a Salvation Army store. Knobs, battery clip, 1/4” jack, nylon webbing, and miscellaneous supplies came from my stash. The Velcro battery holder and the webbing are held in place with pop rivets: I bought the rivets and rivet tool a long time ago (15 years? More? Probably more.) and never used them until today. The only parts I bought new specifically for this project were some washers for spacers. Not that I don’t have the same washers around here somewhere, probably, but buying new ones was easier than finding old ones.


5 thoughts on “Unjunked

  1. Dear Doctroid,

    I really like the wall on the header of your blog. While we cannot have cats in my house, we can have rocks.
    Can you build me a wall just like that one sometime this spring or summer?
    What if I bat my eyelashes, say pretty please and lean into my webcam provocatively while waving a cookie?


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