A week from tomorrow (maybe a week from tonight, we’ll see) I head off to the 35th tour of the American Travelling Morrice. It’ll be a long week until then.

My last ATM was in 2007. In 2008 I was working in Virginia for part of the ATM week, and really needed to spend some time at home the second half. Similar story in 2009; I was in Newport News again. Those were the first ATMs I’d missed since starting on the tour in 2003, and I didn’t want to miss a third.

High temperatures this upcoming weekend in the neighborhood of our Frederick, MD base will be in the mid to upper 90s F, cooling to low 90s by late in the week. After that… we’ll see. The local morris teams don’t dance much in this season, if at all; I think they tend to regard May Day as the end of the dancing season rather than (as in Syracuse) the beginning. On the other hand, the ATM has dealt with heat before: the 2001 tour in New Hampshire reportedly featured 3-digit temperatures. The difference is, this time we’re planning for heat.

I for one am getting cooler kit together. Linen, cotton, and rayon are the fabrics for this year; not a speck of poly in my whites. Also no stains. Yet. (I still have to sew suspender buttons in the pants.)

We’ll be dancing in some familiar places — like Fell’s Point — and some new ones — like some place in DC apparently called The White House. Squire Lloyd has been tantalizing us with photos from some of the places we’ll be eating and drinking. It’s looking like a really good tour.

Has it been a week yet?


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