Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and show my college age self some of our present day technology — like this laptop I’m typing on, or my latest buy. Back then we used a DECSystem 10 computer with 160K 36-bit words of core memory, timeshared with many other students at once. I just bought a memory card the size of a fingernail that stores 5000 times as many bits as that. For about $12 — or the equivalent of about $3 back then.


2 thoughts on “Wonders

  1. Amen. Buck Rogers’s MQP (or was it IQP) can be reproduced and surpassed by orders of magnitude with $600 in hardware from Staples and a bunch of freeware. But… where’s my hovercar? Where’s my jet pack? Where is the G__ D___ moon colony?


  2. I would TOTALLY be married to an evil overlord by now!
    Get cracking on that Tardis thing.. maybe send an SOS to yourself in 20 years, or your son can come back to now in about 50?


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