30 days of creativity

For those who haven’t been following my Twitter and Facebook statuses, for the month of June I was participating in 30 Days of Creativity, doing something creative every day. Most days I produced something (or things, plural) by the end of the day which could be photographed, or a video, though not every day — but I worked on something every day. Some of the projects were more publication-worthy than others, and, given my time and energy constraints, none was particularly large in scale or scope; some were downright trivial, but they were something. At month’s end the completed projects included:

  • 7 food items (Days 8111213131819)
  • 6 origami creations (Days 2, 3, 6, 7, 11, 17) and 1 origami re-creation (Day 30)
  • 2 photographs (as the creation itself, as opposed to photos of creations) (Days 4, 5)
  • 2 musical compositions — written, rendered, and posted as PDF scores and videos in various stages of completion (Days 1011151622, 24, 25, 25)
  • 1 refurbished model rocket launch pad (Day 12)
  • 1 popsicle stick arrangement (Day 14)
  • 1 rant in a Moleskine (Day 20)
  • 1 Rubik’s Snake arrangement (Day 21)
  • 1 graphic pattern (Day 23)
  • 1 Hubble Space Telescope paper model (Days 26, 27, 29, 30)
  • 1 portrait in pretzels on placemat (Day 28, the day I had the least time and inspiration)

There were also some projects worked on but not completed. One of these was converting an old computer speaker into an instrument amplifier; I disassembled the original unit but haven’t yet mounted the speaker and circuit board in a new enclosure, mainly because I haven’t found a suitable new enclosure yet. (Days 9, 26)

I did not work on the long-delayed Weird Sound Generator. I wanted to, but the next thing to do will be done with my drill press, the one that hasn’t been set up since early 2007, and when I went to set it up I discovered I had no idea where I’d put the power switch key. I called customer service and ordered a replacement — actually two replacements — but they were not in stock and won’t arrive for a while.

There were two other projects I wanted to work on this month, and did — on the 30th, my last chance. One was the Grizzly ukulele I bought last Fall (Day 30), and the other was the Interröbang Cartel song “The Genetic Shift” I began in February and haven’t gotten back to since (Day 30). I only worked on them a little and both are far from completion, but I did clock some time on them. Note that two of the completed projects listed above were finished on the 30th as well. I wanted to end strong…

This project is to blame for a certain amount of lost sleep. I wouldn’t go to bed until I’d put work in on something, even if it was something fairly lame, and I usually completed it. Interesting experience, and what I ended up producing was certainly not what I would’ve guessed at the start. My favorite: definitely the Two Part Invention in C Minor. I’m now looking forward to days of creating nothing.


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