Blast from the past

Nearly two years ago Kenny got a model rocket for his birthday, an Estes Snapshot, which has a 110 film camera built into the nose cone. We launched it twice on 3 August 2008, and then it sat for a long while – partly because part of the launch pad went missing. Earlier this month I rebuilt the launch pad with a scrap of wood and some hardware store parts, and we launched it three more times. Then we sent the film off to be developed, and we got it back today.

Of the five launches, I forgot a step in setting up the camera on two, so there were no pictures from them. Of the remaining three only one produced a picture with anything identifiable. It’s kind of blurry and half washed out by, I’m guessing, a light leak in the camera, but it’s clearly a view of a nearby road from a long way up. Took me a while to match it up to anything until I realized there must be a mirror in the optical path, or something, because the image was reversed. Here’s the picture (rectified):


And here’s what it’s looking at in Google Maps. You can just see the church steeple at the bottom of the picture.


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