Muse is nuts

You want to know how crazy (crazy good) MuseScore is?

You can choose instruments for each staff in a system and it’ll label the staff appropriately and assign it the proper transposition; it’ll also color code the notes you enter — green for notes outside the range comfortable for amateurs and red outside the range comfortable for professionals. All the instrument information is in an XML file you could probably edit if you wanted to. Anyway, I was looking at the instrument lists, in particular the woodwinds, and it seemed a pretty good solid list: Piccolo, Flute, Alto Flute, Pan Flute, Garklein Recorder, Sopranino Recorder, Soprano Recorder, Alto Recorder, Tenor Recorder, Bass Recorder, Greatbass Recorder, Contrabass Recorder, Slide Whistle, Oboe, English Horn, A Duduk, Soprano Clarinet, E-flat Clarinet, B-flat Clarinet, A Clarinet, Alto Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Contrabassoon, Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, and Baritone Saxophone.

Then I noticed the little check box at the bottom labelled “show more”.

If you check that box you get all those woodwinds and: Treble Flute, E-flat Flute, Bass Flute, Contra-alto Flute, Contrabass Flute, Subcontra-alto Flute, Subcontrabass Flute, Hypobass Flute, Transverse Flute, Alto Transverse Flute, Danso, A Dizi, G Dizi, F Dizi, E Dizi, D Dizi, C Dizi, C Quena, G Quena, F Quena, D Quena, French Flageolet, English Flageolet, Tonette, G Soprano Ocarina, F Soprano Ocarina, C Soprano Ocarina, B-flat Soprano Ocarina, G Alto Ocarina, F Alto Ocarina, C Alto Ocarina, B-flat Alto Ocarina, C Bass Ocarina, Soprano Gemshorn, Alto Gemshorn, Tenor Gemshorn, Bass Gemshorn, B Galoubet, Piccolo Oboe, Oboe d’amore, Baritone Oboe, Heckelphone, Baroque Oboe, Oboe da caccia, Shawm, Sopranino Shawm, Descant Pommer, Alto Pommer, Soprano Crumhorn, Alto Crumhorn, Tenor Crumhorn, Bass Crumhorn, Greatbass Crumhorn, Soprano Cornamuse, Alto Cornamuse, Tenor Cornamuse, Bass Cornamuse, Soprano Kelhorn, Alto Kelhorn, Tenor Kelhorn, Bass Kelhorn, Greatbass Kelhorn, Sopranino Rauschpfeife, Soprano Rauschpfeife, F Duduk, E Duduk, D Duduk, C Duduk, B Duduk, B-flat Duduk, G Duduk, A Bass Duduk, Shanai, Piccolo Clarinet, D Clarinet, C Clarinet, Basset Clarinet, Basset Horn, Contra-alto Clarinet, Contrabass Clarinet, Sopranino Chalumeau, Soprano Chalumeau, Alto Chalumeau, Tenor Chalumeau, Tarogato, Octavin, Dulcian, Rackett, Sopranino Sarrusophone, Soprano Sarrusophone, Alto Sarrusophone, Tenor Sarrusophone, Baritone Sarrusophone, Bass Sarrusophone, Contrabass Sarrusophone, Sopranissimo Saxophone, Sopranino Saxophone, Bass Saxophone, Contrabass Saxophone, and Subcontrabass Saxophone.

And that’s just the woodwinds.

Octavin, ferheavenssake! I may be in love. Okay, so they left out tenoroon, Heckelphone-clarinet and octocontrabass clarinet, but hey, there’s still time before version 1.0.0.


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