Fill the day

So yesterday started with me getting up, going to the bathroom, checking email and RSS, and then having to go back to bed because breakfast was ready. Father’s Day breakfast is required to be in bed, regardless. H and K gave me a couple of nice books (knitting and woodworking).

So then Heather:

  1. studied

while Kenny and I:

  1. went for a run. Not our fastest, given that my rib injury had kept me off the road for some time.
  2. launched a model rocket. The one with the camera built in. The rebuilt launch pad works fine. We had two good launches on B motors, and then launched with a C motor. Wow, I’d forgotten how much higher it goes on a C! On that launch when it popped the chute it also popped the motor-and-fin assembly. Which is not supposed to happen. Also one of the chute lines came loose. No permanent damage done, though, and now we’re going to send off the film (remember film?) for processing.
  3. went to Erie Canal Village near Rome, NY. First we had lunch (my hot dog was free) and then we went in (my admission was also free). We spent a little time looking around the buildings before going to the blacksmithing demo, and after that it was time for the boat ride — horse drawn packet boat. Snack, and then on the road again.
  4. went swimming at Green Lakes State Park.
  5. had dinner.
  6. came home.

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