The wrath of Doctroid

8 days ago: 87 Fahrenheit. 2 days ago: snow. Welcome to Spring. Our spring weather is not halfway between summer and winter; it is summer and winter. To quote Heather, hot and cold running weather.

The snow was even coming down rather hard at one point Friday night, but it didn’t stick. Just made it interesting getting home from the dojo where, after viewing our Friday evening lethargy, the sensei decided it should be Fitness Week that night. All of Fitness Week.

And yet we were back the next day, and instead of the usual Saturday sparring, we got more fitness.

You need to be fit when you go up against the grapes, the brambles, and the weeds. Between Saturday afternoon and today I made a fair bit of progress moving a large fraction of the banks along the northeast lawn to the brush pile across the street, and bringing the Wrath of Doctroid (via Doctroid’s Weed Whacker) to the newly insurgent burdock. Actually I was surprised how little grapevine I found on the bank near the house. Maybe my efforts over the years have — I suppose ‘borne fruit’ is the wrong phrase for it? I even attacked the quince bush — I didn’t really prune the bush proper, but I did remove a lot of the deadwood, and I cut down a lot of the suckers growing around it. I like the quince, really, but it can’t have the yard. And for now the remains of the stairs down that bank are exposed and navigable. Someday they’ll be stairs again.

Meanwhile Heather painted the kitchen yellow. And rearranged it. The fridge is on the east wall now, instead of in the path from the door to the living room.

Saturday evening Tom and I went down to Binghamton for the Binghamton Morris Men’s annual practice. The Gilbertsville tour is next weekend. And the question on everyone’s minds: 87 Fahrenheit? Or snow?


One thought on “The wrath of Doctroid

  1. Yep – similarly down here. Switched over to the cooling system and broke a blower belt. Took a few days to replace. Then had to switch back to heat. Looks like a few days of real spring now, though. Hmmm… maybe I’d better put up the snowblower until next winter….


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