I finished the Yoshimoto Cube I was working on.


6 thoughts on “Cubic

  1. I don’t see what the big deal is. They aren’t *that* hard to unfold and refold. I suppose recombining the two halves could take a while if you weren’t paying attention, but even then it doesn’t seem as difficult as a standard rubic’s cube.

    Seriously, though, that’s very cool. What are they made out of? Did you use a kit or just a pattern? (Or did you suss it out based on observation??)

    (Your video may have answered these questions, but I had the volume off.)

    I have seen them before, but the two separable halves were a surprise to me. I must have seen the cheap version.


  2. Wasn’t there some other brand name this was sold under 25 years ago? They were sold single rather than in pairs, and you were supposed to discover on your own that you and a friend could put two together.

    BoingBoing has a link to an article with a cute video showing how to make a variant from a single sheet of paper by cutting just a few slits: (One trivial criticism: You can cut a bigger half-square from your letter-sized paper if you don’t cut the end off first.)


  3. Apparently it was once sold under the name of “Shinsei Mystery” although I think that was both pieces. Note that (at least in the version I made, maybe there is some other variant) the two pieces aren’t identical. One folds in half to make a cube and the other folds the two ends in to make a cube.


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