A man with two watches

Now that I’m back in Syracuse I can compare the new scale I bought on the trip with the old one. At first I was seriously thinking of sticking the new scale in the stash of stuff for the anticipated garage sale, but now I think I want to keep using it: it’s a lot easier to read.

My guess while in Virginia was that it was about two pounds below the old scale; comparing them here, it seems to be closer to three.

Now this presents a conundrum. I said I wanted to drop 15 pounds, but really I had a target weight I was aiming at which was 15 pounds below my starting point. So: do I aim for that target weight on the new scale? Or three pounds less, which would be 15 pounds down from my start?

I guess really I should aim for a target weight. But on which scale? I don’t know which is more accurate. (Oh god, not calibration again.)

You know what? Three pounds isn’t a big deal. I should just pick something.

Okay. Using the new scale, my goal is my original target weight minus a compromise two pounds. This morning’s reading was two pounds below that, so I plan to lose another pound or two to give me three or four pounds bounce allowance, and then move to maintenance intake.


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