So I got on the scale this morning, and it read 15 pounds under my weight on January 19. Which means I am at my goal weight. Woot!


  1. My goal, remember, was to lose 15 pounds and keep it off. Can’t do that if I go back to eating the way I had been, right?  So I’m going to continue keeping an eye on my intake, trying for a good balance and lower calorie levels than the old me.  I expect eventually I’ll be able to do that pretty well without being so meticulous about keeping track of everything I eat, but that’s down the road.
  2. In the first week, I dropped five pounds, as compared to ten pounds in the following six weeks (or really in the last four, since weeks 2-3 were a washout due to an ailment).  As I understand it, that’s because when your nutritional intake drops below what is needed to sustain metabolism, one thing your body does is to start burning stored glycogen for energy, and glycogen binds to several times its weight in water.  So much of the weight you lose at first is due to water loss.  After about a week the stored glycogen is basically used up and subsequent weight loss is due entirely to fat burning, so is slower.  The corollary to that is, once nutritional intake picks up again, the body rebuilds its glycogen supply, so you retain water for a while; that three or four pounds extra lost in the first week can come back. In expectation of that, then, I’d like to continue losing about four more pounds before bumping up to maintenance level intake. And if I’m wrong and I don’t bounce back up  — well, then, I won’t be underweight. Arguably I’ll be even better off.
  3. And finally… less than an hour after weighing in this morning, I was on the road for a two-week trip out of town. I’ll be eating mainly food from restaurants and the cafeteria and the hotel’s breakfast. I’ll be very busy, working long and weird hours. Keeping track of, and control of, what I eat is going to be much harder than it’s been at home. So will getting enough exercise. I intend to try, and hope to weigh a few pounds less when I return… but may have to settle for not weighing a few pounds more. (I was going to bring the bathroom scale along — one of the benefits of driving rather than flying, you can bring a lot more — but forgot it. Hey, Heather, guess what I bought at Target tonight?)

4 thoughts on “Lost

  1. Actually I haven’t had that problem lately with our scale; it’s been very consistent for me. Sometimes too consistent. (“What? That’s what it’s been the past four days!”)


  2. I was afraid you’d say that. I’m up five since you left. “Increased muscle mass?” she said doubtfully. Well, two hundred is a nice even round number to remember. (And I’m being so damned good about the stairs! Maybe it’s water weight?)


  3. Been eating out more the past few days? Higher sodium intake? How about those capers and olives?

    Between Friday and Monday I went up 4 pounds. Today I’m back down 2. All water as far as I can tell.

    Keep up the good work on the stairs! But exercise alone wasn’t enough for me…


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