Exchange last week

Last week? Not our best.

There was the weather of course, which everyone around here had to deal with, but we had other complications of our own. Heather started a new job on Monday out in Fayetteville. Also on Monday we dropped our car off for repair — following the second deer impact event in less than a year (both on our road). For some reason the policy on our other car covers a rental car, which we took advantage of after the first deer incident, but this car’s policy doesn’t, so I dropped Heather off in Fayetteville each morning, and Kenny at his school in DeWitt, and then went to work in Syracuse. Reverse procedure in the evenings.

But Thursday and Friday were snow days, so Kenny was at his day care in Onondaga Hill, conveniently close to home, except that he needed to be picked up by 6:00 pm and we couldn’t be sure of making it in time after collecting Heather in Fayetteville, so I had to drive from Syracuse to Onondaga Hill to Fayetteville to Onondaga Hill. About 35 miles altogether. In bad weather. (See map.)

At least I did learn some alternate routes to avoid East Genesee Street during rush hour, especially in the bad direction. But it was a hassle, and interfered with life. Getting to the dojo was just more than we felt able to deal with. I did get to Wild Blue Morris practice on Wednesday, while Heather went to SCA fencing practice.

Wednesday we were told our car would be ready Thursday; basically everything was done, except that the insurance company hadn’t written up a broken headlight, so they’d had to order one late and it wasn’t going to arrive until Thursday morning. Snow arrived instead, so they told us it’d be ready Friday. But the part didn’t arrive Friday either.

Today they called and told us the part had arrived — broken. They’re expecting another one tomorrow. And we have a rental car, at the garage’s expense. Which is why we finally got to the dojo tonight.

Oh, and there were some issues with Kenny’s behavior last week too. Uncharacteristically bad issues. I hope he’s over whatever it was.

On the plus side, both Kenny and Heather made caramels — two different recipes — not that I can eat them, being on this diet, but it made the house a happier place. And I started soldering the Weird Sound Generator circuit board and designing the front panel, and I bottled the beer.

This week? Had better be better.


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