Move your money

This could well be one of the most important web sites you’ll visit this year: .

The big banks brought the present financial ruination upon us with their arrogance and callous disregard. Of course they couldn’t have done it without their symbiotes in Washington. But getting rid of a congresscritter who’s in bed with Citigroup may be difficult. Getting your money away from big banks is potentially easier.

In an earlier message on Facebook I said our family’s money was already moved, ten years ago, into a credit union. Myopic of me; that’s where our bank accounts are, but our credit cards are mostly with Chase (they started in several other banks, which one by one Chase swallowed). It may be time to see about moving our credit cards to smaller institutions.

I don’t think of this in religious terms, but I’m impressed by this piece by Paul Raushenbush, who does.


2 thoughts on “Move your money

  1. The big boys (like Greenspan) protect their money by diversifying across currencies, too. Buy some foreign stocks and bonds. …Well, no, I don’t. I go for the highest CD rates around, and they tend to be the small local banks.


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