Goals and victories review (2009)


(Recreation and fitness)

  • Blue belt done
  • Green belt done
  • Brown belt done
  • Climb an Adirondack high peak done x 2
  • Complete my electronics project (the WSG) nothing!


  • Rewrite polarimeter software Deferred in favor of other software/analysis work
  • Complete next experiment (HAPPEX-III) done


  • Organize shed done
  • Repair house exterior progress


  • Reduce debt y y n n y n n y? n y n n / N
    (y(n) means we did (did not) meet my specific debt reduction goal in the given month; final Y(N) means we have (have not) met my goal cumulatively in the months so far)

Not a bad end of year report card. The one goal that was a complete strikeout was the WSG, and that goal was only on the list in the first place because I was trying for ten goals and that was the best I could come up with for the tenth. In reality I know better than to set a goal to complete a purely recreational project; either I’m interested and I do it, or interest ebbs and I don’t. I did get back to some electronics work the other day (trying, without success, to get battery power on my Pignose working again) and I do hope to do the WSG in 2010, but we’ll see.

The specific debt reduction goal wasn’t met, but we have made a good dent in it especially if you don’t count the money spent on house repairs and improvements, which I think is justified since it’s in lieu of rent. In the next couple months we’ll pay off both our cars and the credit card debt should come down fast after that — assuming we’re both still working… And as for that work on the house, disappointingly little done due to logistical problems with getting the financing, but we did do some.

The polarimeter software rewrite hasn’t happened, but its equivalent in other work on polarimeter analysis has.

Other than that, did it. Times two in the case of the high peak one. I was not very fond of 2009 but I thought my own efforts were good.


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