Alpha nerd

Last winter I slipped on some ice and broke the LCD display on my MacBook.

Took it to Apple and they said they’d charge about $700 to fix it. Instead I bought an HDMI cable and connected it to our TV, and it’s been there more or less ever since.

A few months ago I discovered you can get replacement displays — good ones from reputable dealers — for $100. Just before Thanksgiving I ordered one from eTech Parts. They have excellent step by step instructions for doing the replacement on their site.

The part arrived last week, and today I spent an hour or so installing it. Now I’m using the MacBook while my son plays Lego Star Wars on the TV. Everything seems to be working and the display is great. I see no dead pixels.

OK, so I do have a screw mysteriously left over, but it’s probably not critical, right?


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