I stopped going to LaFayette Concert Band rehearsals when Heather started working Tuesday nights. She no longer does, but I haven’t gone back. Between the dojo and Kenny’s piano lessons I’m out three evenings a week plus Saturday late morning / early afternoon, and that’s enough for right now. (For similar reasons I still am not participating with Thornden Morris. I will do Wild Blue Morris early next year, but that presumably will be only one night every two weeks for three months.) Not that I didn’t enjoy the band, but I enjoy the dojo too and it’s most of my exercise program.

That doesn’t mean stopping playing clarinet, logically, but I have. I don’t get a lot out of playing solo, and even when I was active in the band I had a hard time getting myself to practice enough. Finding the time to do it was difficult, for one thing.

And now I have a different instrument to work on — one that’s more rewarding to play solo, I think, and which I can play softly at night while folks are sleeping, or while I’m watching TV, so I do practice more.

That being the case, owning five B-flat soprano clarinets seems just a little daft.

So I’ve sold three. The two Mazzeos I picked up for cheap, just to see what Mazzeo is about (and the second because the first was way out of adjustment), and the Evette and Schaeffer I bought to be my main clarinet but which later got demoted in favor of my Ridenour. I’m keeping the latter, and the Evette (because I can’t bring myself to let go of a Buffet-made instrument I paid under $11 for), and the E-flat, alto, and bass clarinets. It would make sense for me to get rid of some of them too, but I’m not going to, not for now. Especially not the bass.

I thought about titling this post “Downsizing” but that would probably have been a lie, since I’ll likely take the proceeds and buy something else to clutter the place up with. Not sure what, though. But I hear nice things about the Mainland tenor uke…


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