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The Black Belt at 50 blog has a new entry talking about the various martial arts styles incorporated in the Lavallee’s curriculum. Some of this I knew, some I didn’t. We refer to it as “karate” but really that’s just a convenient shorthand term; what we actually do incorporates elements of many styles of martial arts: Kenpo (based on Tracy style kenpo, going back through Ed Parker to William Chow to James Mitose; basis of some of the katas and some of the self defense); XMA (some katas, sword); muy thai (some kicks, knees, and elbows); Okinawan kobudo (nunchucks); taekwondo (kamas); krav maga (some of the self defense); kickboxing (sparring); and Brazilian jiujitsu (grappling). I think I have that right. Karate purists would gag, I suppose, but I’m not one.


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