Out with the old, in with the desk

Tiring weekend. During the week a shipment arrived from Miller Nurseries: Seven fruit trees Heather had ordered but wasn’t expecting before spring. Fortunately the weekend provided both opportunity and favorable weather, and we got them planted, wrapped, watered, mulched, and caged. Watering, yeah… did I mention I’d just last weekend stowed away all our hoses in the basement? And we needed them all to reach the new line of trees, 30 feet west of the previous western boundary of the orchard. Two pears (Max Red Bartlett and Collette), three peaches (two Fingerlakes SH and one Red Haven), two plums (Yellow Egg and Big Blue).

Meanwhile we took drastic action on Kenny’s room. Essentially everything but the furniture and clothing came downstairs for sorting and triage. The living room’s full. Time to cut way back. Kenny’s one of the least acquisitive kids I know, but once he gets something, getting him to part with it is a challenge. He has toys he’s too old for, that he never plays with, in some cases that he never played with, and he says he wants to keep them. The impetus for the clean sweep has to do with our new computer; we’re going to give the old computer to Kenny. But he needed a desk to put it on, so I bought one at SU Excess Property for $5 and spent three times that on painting it. Between computer and desk and upcoming Christmas, it was clearly time to get rid of a lot of the excess. The desk is in his room now, the computer will go there soon, and a lot of stuff will get donated to his school or to the rescue mission or to the landfill or something, somewhere, anywhere but back where it was…


2 thoughts on “Out with the old, in with the desk

  1. The portal is crippled so that he may view a few specific galaxies, but nothing from the Dungeon Dimensions can make it’s way in. (Hopefully. Ask Doctroid about parental controls.) Besides, if I was supervising he’d never get past the first level of World of Goo without my saying “Bored now, let’s go dust something!”.


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