A job

Heather’s been dissatisfied with her current job for some time now, and decided last January that if things didn’t get better in six months she’d look for a new job. Indeed they didn’t, so she did. After a few weeks with one interview and not much else happening, last Thursday she got calls from four places, and she went on two interviews on Friday and another earlier this week. She had a second interview today, at the place she most wanted to work for, and about an hour later she got a call offering her the job. She has to give four weeks notice (!) at her current job but as of September 3 she’s out of there.
She’ll be working at an OB/Gyn office called The Women’s Wellness Place, in Syracuse next to the University (and up one flight of stairs from our doctors’ office). She’s been wanting to get into obstetrics, so that’s a plus, and she liked the people there, another plus, and the hours are 8 to 4 weekdays, another plus, and oh yes, higher pay, another plus. Besides that she’s thinking about going back to school for a degree in nurse-midwifery, and her new employers are excited and supportive of that. (“Going” may be the wrong verb here: she’d probably do a distance learning program, so it’s more like school coming to her.) In fact if there are any down sides to this job compared to everything else she was considering, they managed to keep them secret. Well, I guess the hospitals would’ve paid more, but that’s about it.
A couple of friends of ours were coming over for dinner tonight anyway, so we broke out the champagne and turned it into a celebration.


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