Epitaph One

So, what could possibly go wrong? Oh.

“Epitaph One”, the unaired, so-called “thirteenth” (it was really the fourteenth), “lost” (I think Joss pretty much knew where it was) episode of Dollhouse, has, you will be shocked and astounded to learn, been somewhat overhyped. In other words, not the greatest hour of television ever made by anyone anywhere. It is very good, though, and definitely puts a whole new spin on the show, giving us a look ten years into the future at what imprinting tech has done to civilization — and it is not pretty. At ComicCon Whedon said they are going to remain true to “Epitaph One” as Dollhouse evolves — no tricks with alternate universes or time travel paradoxes to avoid that future — though he pointed out that a lot of what’s seen is stored memories, which of course are susceptible to alterations (your brain’s been Photoshopped!), so that some of what you think happened may not be exactly what really happened.

Anyway, if you thought the tech was scary, trust me, it’s worse.

I’ll save “Echo”, and the featurettes, and the commentaries, and the once more through the broadcast eps, for another day. Several other days. This is a DVD set I’m going to be happy I own.


One thought on “Epitaph One

  1. Not having seen Epitaph One, I can only speculate but… wow. I can imagine a whole new ecology of minds (or parts of minds) separated from bodies, competing to be embodied. I guess we saw something like this in the episode where the dead woman came back temporarily to help find her killer.


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