So Amazon tells me the Dollhouse Season 1 DVDs I preordered are on their way. Excellent! I’m eagerly anticipating “Epitaph One”, the so-called 13th episode (really 14th, counting the scrapped pilot which also is on the DVD set) which was not broadcast. Apparently it really brought the house down at ComicCon.

Word to those who didn’t watch Dollhouse in its first season — or gave up on it early. Watch. There are five episodes on Hulu (free). Twelve on iTunes and Amazon Video On Demand. Fourteen, as I said, on the DVD set, which you can buy at 43% off from Amazon or rent from Netflix or Blockbuster. Yes, I’m pimping this thing shamelessly. I’d like to see a lot more of this series, and just because Fox TV renewed it once when everyone figured it was dead doesn’t mean they’ll keep it going forever. Anyway, if you’re enough like me to be reading my blog, and if you haven’t been watching it, then there’s a good chance you’re missing something you’ll like a lot. For those in that category, again, watch. My suggestion is to start with Episode 1, “Ghost”, and then skip to Episode 6, “Man On the Street”. Episodes 2-5 are where the show was struggling to find its legs. By all means watch them if you like Episodes 1 and 6, but be aware they’re the weak part of the season. After that it just builds through lots of twists, surprises, and ohmygod moments to Alan Tudyk’s remarkable, hilarious and chilling, guest role in Episodes 11 and 12 (“Briar Rose” and “Omega”). Great stuff.


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