Goals and victories review (Jun 09)


(Recreation and fitness)

  • Blue belt done
  • Green belt done
  • Brown belt
  • Climb an Adirondack high peak progress
  • Complete my electronics project (the WSG)


  • Rewrite polarimeter software 
  • Complete next experiment (HAPPEX-III) progress


  • Organize shed progress
  • Repair house exterior


  • Reduce debt y y n n y n – – – – – – / N
    (y(n) means we did (did not) meet my specific debt reduction goal in the given month; final Y(N) means we have (have not) met my goal cumulatively in the months so far)


  • Purple belt second tip
  • Blue belt
  • Rewrote Compton polarimeter decoder software
  • Blue belt first tip
  • Recovered from pneumonia
  • Performed at Gilbertsville, Syracuse May Day, Cortland May Day, Oneida Plant a Row for the Hungry garden, Sudz tour in CT/MA
  • Got rid of Stairway to Nowhere and much other trash and yard waste
  • Blue belt second tip
  • Green belt
  • Replaced basement door
  • Cleared brush growth near Bilco door
  • Polarization measurement with new electron detector
  • Finished removal of concrete hazard to navigation

Higher priorities have put the electron detector software rewrite on hold; I’m counting them as progress on getting the experiment done.

Another month, another failure to organize the shed. Rain, end of school events, weekend away at the Sudz all contributed. I did start the job, a little. (And I did a lot more on Sunday, but that’s July.)

House exterior work is officially off until next year. Maybe I should have set a more vague goal. The chunk of concrete has been broken up and hauled away, but giving myself exterior work credit for that is not something I can allow myself to get away with twice. Also, I’ve made progress on painting the study — it’s slow going, but one wall was done aside from scraping up paint that got on the floor. (In June. Two walls are done now.)

“Progress” on the high peak climb means I’ve done some research, decided on a pair of peaks (close to one another and not a big descent/ascent to get from one summit to the other, so people usually do both), and made campground reservations. The trip is on for this month.

We had an expensive month (for instance, replacing four tires on one car — a month after replacing four tires on the other car). Didn’t meet the financial goal for the month, and we’re behind on the goal for the year. The good news is Heather gets three paychecks this month, so I’m optimistic about catching up.


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