I am somewhat amused…

by Facebook group listings like this one:

Group: Americans for Mark Sanford
Size: 3,391 members
Type: Common Interest – Politics
New: 136 Fewer Members, 32 Wall Posts

And that “Fewer” number keeps going up.

Not that some of the Faithful aren’t holding the line:

May I say that NOW is not the time to close this site. Now is a time for EVERYONE to realize that we ALL make mistakes some that seem bigger than others, but mistakes none the less. Now may be a time to change the name to Americans in Prayer for Mark Sanford. As Governor Sanford stated in his address to the South Carolina State House,”The law of God is there to keep you from destroying yourself, and I broke the Law of God” If we are ever to see men like Ronald Reagan in the White House again we MUST all pray so in times of weakness… the Holy Spirit will protect them.

How very Christian, to so forgive a man, as long as he’s a Republican. But… a “mistake”? No, sir. Forgetting to pick up milk on the way home is a mistake. Screwing your Argentinian lover behind your wife’s back while publicly bleating about the sanctity of one-man-one-woman marriage isn’t a mistake. It’s a choice. Sanford chose hypocrisy as did Vitter, Craig, Ensign, Gingrich… the list goes on.

The Democrats may have their Bill Clintons, their Eliot Spitzers, their John Edwardses. What they don’t have is a staked-out position on the moral high ground, lecturing their inferiors about traditional, strait, allegedly Biblical family values while having illicit affairs. They may be liars and cheaters, but give them this: they achieve nowhere near the hypocrisy of a philandering conservative Republican.


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