The heres and theres


A week ago Friday we went to my niece’s high school graduation in New Hampshire. We drove there during the day, attended graduation in the evening, drove about an hour back in a Syracusewards direction to Lowell, Massachusetts where we had a hotel room reserved, spent the night, and returned home Saturday. My other sister was there from Houston too. Good to see them again, however briefly. But there was too much to attend to at home to stay away longer.

Between karate, piano lessons, the Sudz, and various end of school year activities, things were hectic generally. Beginning with Monday (20 days ago) and continuing through last Wednesday it was: Karate, karate, karate, piano, Sudz, Sudz, Sudz, karate, karate, karate, piano, NH, MA, off, picnic + karate (sequentially, not simultaneously), karate + piano (likewise), karate. That last was belt graduation, when Kenny got his brown belt. That puts him in the advanced belt ranks. Wow.

Saturday morning I worked on painting the study. There’s way too much stuff in the study to move easily, especially since there’s nowhere to move most of it, so I’m shoving things away from one wall at a time and painting that. Then it was back to the dojo again — with a stop along the way to check out a neighborhood’s garage sales, and the second one I went to turned out to be staffed by an older woman whose two assistants were a brother and sister who are in Kenny’s karate class. At the dojo I did an hour and a half of “boot camp” which I fully expect to feel for the next couple of days… and this is Fitness Week coming up.

After lunch Kenny and I went to Fleet Feet and bought two pairs of running shoes, which we inaugurated this morning with a 1 km run.

This afternoon our friend Maria had her 60th birthday party, and Wild Blue Morris along with the Bassett Street Hounds danced.

This brings you up to date on my wild and glamorous life.

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