Back in the army again

Four years and about seven months or so. That’s how long it took from the time I bought Swiss Army Knife #6 to the time I lost it. No idea where or how, I just discovered one day it wasn’t there. Of course around the same time I lost my sunglasses, and found them weeks later in the bottom of my knapsack, so it could turn up again.

It hasn’t though, so I decided to buy #7. And #8.

REI Outlet was having a 20% off one item promotion, and they had several SAKs listed at prices well below what I found elsewhere even before the 20%. They didn’t have the Explorer, though, which I would’ve liked even though it’s really a bit bulky and heavy for the pocket… but wait, they had the Economy Climber with most of the blades of an Explorer. But no Philips screwdriver or magnifier; for those you’d need something like the Champion Plus which is definitely too big and heavy for a pocket… but could live in your bag… hmm, so if I bought two knives, one for the pocket and one for the bag… right.

So now I have twice as many knives to try to keep track of. On the other hand, I probably won’t lose both simultaneously, so won’t go knifeless again (knock wood).

I don’t see either the Climber with rough scales nor the Champion Plus listed on the Victorinox web site. The latter, as someone says in the comments on the REI page, is kind of an odd name, since it has fewer tools than the SwissChamp (no wood saw, pliers, or pin). But it’s not as bulky as I’d expected, though fatter than my old Explorer Specialty Plus.

Four and a half years is way better than I was doing about a decade ago, though still well short of the time I hung onto my first two SAKs. I can shoot for my old record, right?

ETA: Oh, wait, the Champion Plus does have a wood saw. They don’t show it in the photo and I missed it the first time I checked, but it’s there.
ETA2: Hm, maybe REI Outlet prices weren’t so great… seems to beat them. Oh well.


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