The S’udz went well.

7 dancers and a musician toured as the Binghamton Morris Men. Of those, one was from the Binghamton area. One from Ithaca; two from Syracuse; one from western Massachusetts; one from Concord, MA; one from Maryland; and one from Maine. Two dancers were able to dance only limited amounts due to injuries, so we usually borrowed at least one dancer from Newtowne, with whom we toured during the day Saturday, and at the show dancing that evening we borrowed a Bouwerie Boys member (who started ages ago with Binghamton). The other five of us did every dance that day, and as we were touring with only one other team, there were a lot of dances. Weather was excellent. Food was good. Beer was excellent. Good campfire singing Friday night, but both nights I got to bed before 1 am.

At least 3 Priuses parked at the campsite. Mine made the ~450 mile round trip on one tank of gas with some to spare, about 54 MPG.


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