If only…

… I’d kept my mouth shut on 11 May and let my comments of 16 April stand, I’d be looking like a frakking genius right now. Oh well.

Word is the price of renewal is a drastically lowered budget. May be cause to worry there. Then again some of Whedon’s best work (“Out of Gas”, “Dr. Horrible”…) was done on a shoestring — I think the man thrives on constraint (“Hush”). So I guess not so much of the palatial estates and horse stables next season?


3 thoughts on “If only…

  1. It’s not like we need to see huge explosions every other minute. 24 would be dead without them. But Dollhouse is more about the acting and the story IMO. So three cheers are in order. But I’m going to go back to the last half of Omega to refresh my memory of how Ballard turned from an intruder to an insider so quickly.


    1. As I understood it, two things influence Ballard to cooperate with the Dollhouse. First, he was able to exchange his cooperation for the release of one of the dolls. (The surprise of course was that he got November, not Echo, freed.) Second, they have a common interest in neutralizing Alpha — Ballard’s interest not only being because he’s law enforcement but because he helped Alpha infiltrate the Dollhouse and so feels responsible for the attack on Victor and the murder of the woman Alpha imprinted with Caroline. Not that I think Alpha really needed help getting into the Dollhouse, but Ballard certainly kept Langton busy while Alpha was busy retrieving Echo.

      And now instead of the NSA having a man in the Dollhouse, the Dollhouse has a man in the FBI, or at least recently in the FBI.

      Undoubtedly they don’t trust each other. Ballard presumably still wants to bring down the Dollhouse(s) in the longer term, and DeWitt presumably knows that, but for now Alpha is the immediate threat.

      (Aw jeez… I just now noticed the phonetic similarity between “Adelle” and “a doll”.)


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