I watched “Omega” today, the season finale of “Dollhouse”. Nice. Alan Tudyk managed to be both creepy and amusing as Alpha. We get Saunders’s backstory, and the bitterness we’ve seen bits of comes out front and center. “Omega” wraps up the season well, while leaving some questions unanswered; no cliffhanger, but I want more. Ballard heard more than once this season that he needed to find out what the Dollhouse’s true purpose is. By the end of “Omega” we still don’t have a clue — or at least nothing I recognize as a clue. I suspect the answer is audacious and unexpected, and I want to find out. I also don’t hold much hope that I will.

A few weeks ago I was mildly confident of a second season. No longer. The ratings just kept falling, and face it, ratings are the game. I hope I’m wrong, but I can’t see a way to justify any optimism.

Of course, there is more: “Epitaph One”, the so-called thirteenth episode which Fox won’t be broadcasting and Hulu won’t be streaming but which will be in the DVD set… which I’m seriously considering buying (about $32 preordered at Amazon).


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