Crimson Dark

There was a time when I subscribed to both Syracuse newspapers (one of which has since folded) in part to get all the comic strips, but I don’t really read comic strips any more. I have in the past couple years read two, but only two, online comics, “xkcd” and “Questionable Content“; they’re the only two I enjoyed enough to subscribe to their RSS feed.

As for physical comic books, the only one that I ever really got into was Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.

A couple weeks ago I came across some reference to “Crimson Dark”, an online science fiction comic that started up in 2006. I checked it out and liked it. The author makes no secret of being a Browncoat (a depressed Christian Browncoat, actually, but don’t let that put you off) and the comic shows a strong “Firefly” influence — perhaps too strong, but that’s okay. He tells a pretty good story, and I like the artwork a lot.

Of course, our universe being what it is, I discovered “Crimson Dark” a couple weeks after it went on hiatus due to the author’s being overwhelmed with college. He was still posting one strip a week, though, of “bonus”, a.k.a. “filler”, material.

But a note at the top of this week’s strip says “Crimson Dark” “will be returning in two weeks time (God willing!)”. Excellent! Two weeks should be enough time for you to go through the past strips in the archives.

This one is one of my favorites (though maybe it’s better in context).


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