Going green

I got my second blue belt tip today (er, technically yesterday), which means I start the process of testing for green belt next Spotlight Week… which begins this Monday.

I half expected this, half expected not to test this month. First half was right. And this is good, in some ways. Weird in others.

Like, Kenny. He’s a green belt. Still will be on the 21st when I — assuming I do okay — will get mine. I started two belts or so behind him; now we’ll have the same color. Though by the 21st maybe he’ll have two tips. Part of it of course is that belt progression tends to slow down around green, but part is that I’ve moved up faster than he has. Which is okay. I hope he thinks so. I think he does.

Also, Mary. I don’t think she’ll be testing this month — it’s only been two months since she got her blue belt. I missed a lot of classes while I was sick and thought maybe it’d mean she’d catch up with me, but she missed a lot around the same time, and I apparently didn’t miss enough to keep from moving up in three months. Mary and I got our yellow, orange, and purple belts together and it feels weird (and a bit lonely) now to be a step ahead. Yes, I know I just said it’s okay to move up faster than someone else. Self-consistency is for the weak.

Compounding that, they’re moving to a two-month cycle instead of one month. Meaning belt graduations only every other month. And I am not sure when this starts, but it may be there’ll be no graduation in June, in which case Mary won’t graduate until two months after I do. (Also in which case, if I hadn’t gotten my tip today, I would have had to wait until July to test. Which would’ve blown.)

Then there’s John, who also got his yellow, orange, and purple belts with Mary and me. He stopped coming to the dojo soon after his first purple belt tip. Then a couple weeks ago he started showing up again. He got his second tip tonight, so we’ll be graduating together again… but a belt apart: he’s getting his blue.

Cue singing frog! There are worse problems, aren’t there?  I even have one or two.


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