Goals and victories review (Apr 09)


(Recreation and fitness)

  • Blue belt done
  • Green belt progress
  • Brown belt
  • Climb an Adirondack high peak
  • Complete my electronics project (the WSG)


  • Rewrite polarimeter software progress
  • Complete next experiment (HAPPEX-III)


  • Organize shed
  • Repair house exterior progress


  • Reduce debt y y n n – – – – – – – – / N
    (y(n) means we did (did not) meet my specific debt reduction goal in the given month; final Y(N) means we have (have not) met my goal cumulatively in the months so far)


  • Purple belt second tip
  • Blue belt
  • Rewrote Compton polarimeter decoder software
  • Blue belt first tip
  • Recovered from pneumonia
  • Performed at Gilbertsville, Syracuse May Day, and Cortland May Day
  • Got rid of Stairway to Nowhere and much other trash and yard waste

This was an expensive month. We owed on our taxes, and there was our share of the cost of fixing the car that argued with a deer. We held about steady on debt, but that means we’re now behind my goal for this point in the year.

Speaking of expense, we’ve gotten more estimates on the siding job, and it’s looking like we can do it for less than originally thought, but it still may be that we’ll need to postpone to next year for financial reasons. Also, the basement doors have given out completely and need to be repaired — preferably before doing the siding.


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