Looking back on past Gilbertsville tours, I tend to remember rain and chilly weather, though I’m not sure how well my memory would be confirmed by actual records. Anyhow, I’m certain this past weekend was atypical: high temperature in the mid 80s (F) on Saturday, no rain for the weekend.

At one point there was some reason for concern as to whether the Binghamton Men would be able to muster a side for their own event. But enough away members came that that wasn’t a problem, though both the guest teams, the Toronto Morris Men and Newtowne, had more people attending. The attendance estimate before the event was 42, and that’s how many I shopped for when I bought groceries for Sunday breakfast, but in fact there were about 49. I’m told that’s the largest attendance ever for Gilbertsville.

The tour was the same as it’s been since 2003 — G’ville, Pathfinder Village, and Cooperstown. Nothing rained out or forced indoors. Lots of food, and good.

The bad part was the pollen. First serious allergy of the year for me, and it put a definite crimp in my style. Especially since I was driving, so didn’t want to take much diphenhydramine. I took naps at lunchtime and before dinner Saturday. I also went to bed relatively early both nights, deciding to opt out of arriving home severely sleep deprived. I’m sure I missed a lot of good singing and other good things, but sleeping is good too.


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