I saw a commercial for American Idol

Well, parts of one, anyway.  I feel so dirty.

I finally got around to watching the last episode of “Battlestar Galactica”. It was not all I hoped it would be. Still, it had its moments, and all in all I’d regard “BSG” as one of the very best TV series I’ve seen in… well, maybe ever. (And also one of the worst — the original “BSG”, that is. I was amazed and appalled when I first heard they were doing a new “BSG”; only after it had been on for a while and I started hearing rave reviews from people whose opinion I respected did it occur to me it could only be an improvement over the original — and could easily be a vast improvement.)

I’ve caught up on “Dollhouse”. “Needs” almost seemed like a re-imagining of an episode of “The Prisoner”.  We’re into seasons 5/2 of “Buffy”/”Angel” — I’ve upgraded my Netflix subscription to the 2-at-a-time plan, so I can be anal and watch one episode of “Buffy”, one of “Angel”, lather rinse repeat. To be interrupted when “Caprica” comes out. I need to start watching season 5 episodes 1-10 of “Stargate Atlantis” while they’re still online.

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