I want to marry whoever invented antibiotics.

By Thursday I felt well enough to attend practice of the new-ish Syracuse morris team, which now has a name, Wild Blue Morris. I didn’t dance a lot. But by Saturday I was able to go to the one and only practice this year (so far, but probably for the whole year) of the Binghamton Morris Men, and I did dance a lot. Practice was at the Roberson Museum, about a couple blocks from the American Civic Association building, and post-practice dinner was at Peter’s which is even closer to the latter, all of which was morbidly creepifying to some degree. Amazing number of satellite trucks parked around, given that the shooting had ended a day earlier.

Last night I went to the dojo for my first class in two weeks, and I was taking it easy at first… but only at first. I felt fine. Occasional coughing spells excepted, of course. But given that it was exactly a week after I got a diagnosis of pneumonia, that was pretty amazing.


One thought on “Antibiotics

  1. Yow – “the old man’s friend” – not to be trifled with. According to Wikipedia, determining the “inventor” of antibiotics would be like finding the inventor of cheese.


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