Goals and victories review (Mar 09)


(Recreation and fitness)

  • Blue belt done
  • Green belt progress
  • Brown belt
  • Climb an Adirondack high peak
  • Complete my electronics project (the WSG)


  • Rewrite polarimeter software progress
  • Complete next experiment (HAPPEX-III)


  • Organize shed
  • Repair house exterior progress


  • Reduce debt y y n – – – – – – – – – / Y
    (y(n) means we did (did not) meet my specific debt reduction goal in the given month; final Y(N) means we have (have not) met my goal cumulatively in the months so far)


  • Purple belt second tip
  • Blue belt
  • Rewrote Compton polarimeter decoder software
  • Blue belt first tip
  • Recovering from pneumonia


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