insert obligatory deer pun

Did I mention our Matrix got rear ended back in November? What with holidays and so on it didn’t get repaired until January. Insurance covered it in full and there were no injuries so no problem other than the inconvenience. As I recall the nice people at Jamesville Collision told me when I picked it up they hoped not to see me again.

Fat chance.

Wednesday morning Heather took the Matrix to work — I don’t know why, usually she takes the Prius — and a minute or so down the road hit a deer. She was fine, the deer wasn’t but at least lived long enough to run off, but we’ve got a big dent in the front right fender. I suppose on a car of its age there would be some logic in just leaving it, but we plan on driving it some years more and would like to keep it looking good.

Yesterday while Kenny was waiting for the bus some deer came down the pipeline cutthrough and crossed the road. Nothing unprecedented about that, except in the past the most I’ve seen is four or five deer. This time there were fifteen or twenty. Huh. Thought someone was hunting up on the hill last fall. Maybe not.

Gardening should be interesting this summer.

The other animal I saw a bunch of yesterday was geese, heading north.

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