Welcome to the future

We don’t have cable TV, and we don’t have an antenna that works acceptably. No hardship, we haven’t had either since 2003 and we’re doing fine, but I sort of assumed we’d have one or the other by now. Now I’m not so sure we’ll ever bother. Online video has a long way to go but it’s moving pretty damn fast.

After years of watching almost no TV at all, suddenly we’re following a bunch of series. Just not on broadcast. Past couple years we’ve been watching some good ones on DVD (more about that later); right now “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, Season 4. And, following the advice of some online fan, I’m alternating episodes of that with “Angel”, Season 1 — which is available on Hulu.

We watched through Season 3 of “Battlestar Galactica” on DVD and now we’re staying almost current via online streaming.

We watched “Stargate Atlantis” on DVD up to the current season, and now that’s online. Heather’s watched it, I haven’t yet but will.

I watched “Sanctuary” when it was a web-only series, and then its TV reboot. Turnabout there; I saw it when it first was on, Heather’s just started watching it.

As of a couple days ago I’ve started watching “Dollhouse” online. I’ve see the first three episodes. Not loving it so far, but it’s not bad and I’m giving it a chance.

But dang, chewing up my free time here. Well, “Atlantis” and “Galactica” are on their last seasons, and “Dollhouse” isn’t exactly guaranteed to come back, and “Angel”‘s over and “Buffy” turned into a comic book. So maybe things will slack off. Until “Caprica” and “Stargate: Universe”, and whatever surprising new thing comes along, and whatever good old thing comes online (“Woodwright’s Shop”, anyone?)… gaah, how do normal TV-watching people manage?


One thought on “Welcome to the future

  1. Online TV is addictive. I’ve been watching some contemporary and some classic shows, and the list of available episodes seem to expand and contract. You get the feeling if you don’t see as much as possible as soon as possible, you’re going to miss out when some episode you haven’t seen goes away. You’re pretty safe on catching something that aired in the last month or two, but the older stuff is iffy.


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