The mundane lately

Kenny got his first tip on his green belt yesterday. I guess it’s mathematically possible for him to get the second tip a month from now and then test for brown belt in April, though I’m guessing May — or perhaps even later — will be more likely. That’s out of the intermediate levels and into the advanced. Me, I’m noting tomorrow is my white belt anniversary, and today’s sparring was the first time I’ve faced someone newer at sparring than I am, one of the women who got her purple belt last month. Found myself the leader, not the follower. Kind of a good thing.

Heather’s mom is in town with her boyfriend, and we had dinner out on Thursday; today we had an afternoon of shopping — shoes and underwear and socks for Kenny, and then a stop at a games arcade, and finally a pet store where he got a betta — and dinner at the Chinese buffet.

I guess I haven’t mentioned our still-not-officially-named Cotswold morris team has resumed activity, with our second practice of the year taking place the day before yesterday. We have two new members, neither of whom has done much morris (one did a little 20 years ago). Getting them ready to dance out by May Day will be interesting, but I think they’re capable.

For that matter, I guess I haven’t mentioned Thornden. Since last summer: (1) one woman has moved to Rochester (2) one woman has moved to Pittsburgh to go to grad school (3) her husband, a musician, will move out of town when he gets a job there; so far no luck, so he’s still around (4) another woman — the fore — has moved to Kansas (5) another woman has quit the team (6) her husband, another musician, has quit the team (7) I’ve decided I have too much else on my plate to stay active with a group that’s down to three not-so-young-any-more dancers (8) the woman who went to Rochester has decided it was a bad career move and intends to move back to Syracuse this summer (9) her girlfriend, who’s expressed interest in dancing but so far hasn’t really committed, might start up (10) but no one wants to be fore and teach… gaah. I’ll be back to Thornden if it starts to look more rewarding and less draining again, but it’ll take a real Lazarus act.


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