Basser instincts

Don’t know why, but I’ve had an urge lately to get the bass clarinet out and honk on it a bit, and today I did.

Despite all I said over a year ago — I think I’m much more inclined to grab the bass than the soprano to play just for fun. Not that I have, much: probably neither’s been out of its case since last summer.

As I’ve said, I can’t fit the LaFayette Concert Band into my schedule this spring. I briefly asked myself, what about one of the other bands? But I probably can’t fit them in either, and anyway I think I’d like any of the others less. Weeknights are pretty much shot for me, what with Heather working every Monday evening and most Tuesday-Thursday evenings, and with Friday being such a good night for the dojo.

You know what’d be fun? An amateur clarinet quartet or clarinet choir or something that rehearsed on Sunday afternoons. Preferably in my living room, to make it easier. With me on bass clarinet. But don’t hold your breath.

(There’s a local clarinet choir — made up of music educators, decidedly not something I’d qualify to join — that played a concert today in Liverpool. I considered going, but ended up deciding to stay home and take a nap. I’d like to see them sometime, though. There’s also a local clarinet quartet I’ve seen, professional level musicians.)


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