Belt yes, voice no, brain no

I’ve been sick with a cold since Saturday — getting better, but by the end of tonight I’d lost most of my voice and evidently a great deal of my brain. I got through the kicks, katas, and holds and grabs, and then my brain said, “OK, I’m done. Feet, you’re in charge.” Fortunately my cell phone was found by honest people. Anyway, I did well enough at the dojo last night and tonight to get my blue belt, about 50 weeks after starting.

Of the four of us who got the yellow belts together in May and the orange in August, I was the only one graduating tonight. Conor dropped out before the November purple belt graduation, and Mary and John, who got their purple a few days before I did, both missed some classes in January and will, I hope and presume, graduate next month.

In fact I was the second highest ranking adult to graduate tonight. Out of six of us.

Three of the other five were orange belts moving up to purple, hence to the advanced class. I worked with them during most of my yellow and orange belt time and it’ll be good to have them around again.


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