Goals review (Jan 09)

(Recreation and fitness)

  • Blue belt progress
  • Green belt
  • Brown belt
  • Climb an Adirondack high peak
  • Complete my electronics project (the WSG)


  • Rewrite polarimeter software
  • Complete next experiment (HAPPEX-III)


  • Organize shed
  • Repair house exterior


  • Reduce debt y – – – – – – – – – – –
    (y(n) means we did (did not) meet my specific debt reduction goal in the given month)

One thought on “Goals review (Jan 09)

  1. You know, I’m 57 years old and every time I think “Wow, one more payment and I’m debt-free,” some emergency crops up and the $$$ flows out for a frivolous new hot-water heater, or a washing machine or (knock wood) automotive repairs. It’s very hard to do with an old house in tow.

    Still, I’m back down to the low four-figures and that’s worrying me.


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