32 inch computer monitor

otherwise known as our TV, which I’m using as an external monitor for my MacBook via a cable I just bought, because cables are a heck of a lot cheaper than new MacBook LCD units, which is what would be needed to restore my laptop to fully working order. Done through Apple, the repair would cost roughly what a new MacBook costs minus the resale-for-parts value of this one, so, no, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

And of course, it looks from their web page like SU Excess Property has just recently sold off the last of this year’s batch of computer monitors.

(I was planning on getting this cable anyway. Streaming Netflix and Sanctuary and so on, you know.)

Sometime before my next trip to JLab I suppose I’ll have to buy a new laptop, but not right away. Bring on that economic stimulus package, OK?

OK, now I have to find a BSOD image to print out and tape over the screen.

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