Christamas hath made an end, well-a-day

Heather went back to work Friday, and most of the local school kids and University staff resumed their labors today; but the New School had a day off (for the kids, not the teachers) and I took one more day myself. So tomorrow it’s back to work.

Did I mention the New Year’s party? No? Heather’s dad, a few morris friends, a few more SCA friends — the father of one of whom, we discovered, plays in the same community band I do. Or did. Whichever it is. We had a good time, though weather seems to have kept attendance a little lower, and the first arrivals were a good deal later than expected. Next year maybe we’ll just make the invitation for later.

Kenny stayed up until midnight for the first time. (First time on New Year’s Eve, I mean. At age about 18 months he stayed up until about 1 am at a morris campfire.)

We wanted to buy a Fluxx deck before the party but there were none to be had locally.

Friday and Saturday it was back to the dojo. I decided not to go tonight — I was still hurting too much. Perhaps tomorrow. Kenny went, though.

Saturday the Champeons of Folly did their usual Twelfth(ish) Night mumming play in Ithaca. I was the bad guy again, this time appearing under the monicker of Evil Governor:

  In comes I, the Evil Governor
  Servant of the people — and rotten to the core!
  I hire hookers in DC, and to my wife I’ve lied
  The truth is that I have a boyfriend on the side
  I’ve pardoned wealthy businessmen and kept them out of jail
  For they’re the ones who can afford a senate seat for sale
  Cross me and you’re history, you’re fired, you’re toast, I’ll getcha,
  Just like that moose I shot down from a chopper seat, you betcha!
  The wickedest executive in Heaven, Earth, or Hell,
  You know I’m evil ’cause I have no flag on my lapel!

Other than that and the blue pinstripe suit, it was pretty much the traditional bad guy role. Generally things went very well, but for one participant who had had a couple drinks too many, which made the whole experience less enjoyable than it should have been.

Today Kenny and I went to see Bolt, which had a very predictable plot, but good characters, and was extra fun because we saw it in 3D. Also we returned to the games store and discovered they’d just restocked their Fluxx shelf ten minutes earlier. So now we’re all Fluxxed up.

Heather today began a new work schedule: Three 12-hour days per week, two weekdays off (Friday and one of Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday), getting paid for 40 hours. This is going to take some getting used to but may be worth it.

Happy New Year!


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