Chocolate in a mug

I tried a couple of odd recipes tonight. 5-Minute Chocolate Cake is made in a mug, in a microwave. It came out okay. I liked the taste, but I think 3 minutes in my 1100W microwave was too much; it came out a bit dry and tough. I’m wondering if the relatively high egg content might be a contributing factor. Maybe one could substitute about a tablespoon of mayonnaise. Or maybe just use an egg yolk.

Anyway, it was entertaining to watch it cook.  It started to crest over the top of the mug after about a minute, and soon it looked like at least 50% of the volume of the cake was outside of the mug — leaning over and looking like it was going to fall off.  It didn’t, though, and toward the 3 minute mark it mostly collapsed back into the mug, leaving about a couple centimeters sticking out the top.

The Mug Brownie recipe begins by dissing the 5-Minute Chocolate Cake as “somewhat gelatinous and, quite frankly, not really chocolatey”. Odd. I wouldn’t describe my results as “gelatinous”, though perhaps I would if I’d undercooked it. And I thought it had plenty of chocolate flavor — oh, wait, maybe the author’s referring to the original recipe (which was on a site that seems to be offline, but you can read it here) which omits the chocolate chips. I can see how that’d make the difference; the Instructables recipe says “if you don’t have chocolate chips, try a broken up candy bar – I can’t stress how much this amps the awesomeness of your cake”. Anyway, I honestly liked the taste of the cake a little better than that of the brownie, but the brownie’s texture was better. Maybe I’ll throw some chocolate chips in the brownie next time and see how that comes out.

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