We’ve sometimes in the past had guests over for Thanksgiving dinner, people who like us were neither leaving town nor having family come to visit; but this year there were more than usual — twenty, in fact. Heather’s dad, her aunt, a couple and their child we know from morris dancing, a co-worker of Heather’s with her partner and three kids, and I think ten others who know Heather from SCA.  (I used to have friends, but they’ve all left town.) One of the Scadians is also Heather’s dad’s new tenant.

Normally when we have a party, Heather cooks like it’s Thanksgiving, so when we have a Thanksgiving party, well… and then a few guests brought food despite Heather’s assurances it wouldn’t be necessary. Twenty guests and I’d say there was food for at least thirty: horse doovers consisting of potato spinach puffs, bread and crackers with butter (flavored and otherwise) and goat cheese, shrimp; then turkey, veggie lasagna, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, peas, seafood soup, onion soup, more bread and rolls, cranberry relish, cranberry jelly, yams, potatoes with onions and cheese, corn souffle, and I’m probably forgetting something. For dessert, four pies (pumpkin, black raspberry, applesauce and dried fruits, and pecan), two ice cream flavors (chocolate chocolate chip and cinnamon) with hot fudge sauce and whipped cream, and Lindt truffles. Most of that was homemade. I did the ice creams and the fudge sauce; Heather asked if I wanted to make pizza too but I figured that might be excessive.

Oh, and besides the beer, wine, sweet cider, and seltzers, there was Heather’s flaming rum punch.

Pretty good meal, really.


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